Scorpio and ascendants


Sun sign Scorpio and Ascendant sign combination

What is Scorpio?

The astrological sign Scorpio refers to the season of Scorpio. Sun sign Scorpio is named after the constellation. A person is not a sign. Astrology works with complete chart analysis, including the key positions, the signs and aspects of Sun, Moon and planets, special patterns and midpoint combinations like sun/moon. There is also a post about analyzing a complete chart (You have read the ‘3 steps to analyze a natal chart’? (Not yet?:// Here you find more about the sign Scorpio.

When are you a Scorpio?

You are a Scorpio when you are born in the last week of October or in the first 3 weeks of November. In 2013 you are born under Scorpio when you are born between October 23, 6:11 GT and November 22, 3:49 GT.

What does ‘Scorpio’ mean?

Often Scorpio is related to sex, murder, life and death, and all other taboos.  Scorpio is also the sign of values, research and techniques.

Keywords for Scorpio are: to defend, all or nothing, reorganising, reproduction, challenge and problems.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Fixed signs are the signs of strong will and perseverance. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the dwarf planet that is the symbol of strength, force, power, influence and strategy. Before the discovery of Pluto Mars was considered ruler of Aries and Scorpio.


The sun sign tells us more about a life style and the will of a person. Scorpio wants to get to the core business. Scorpio isn’t considered to be an easy sign.

You show your Scorpio sun :

– by making life difficult for yourself- having high demands on yourself and others

– not avoiding challenges

– showing courage

– wanting to be the strongest (mentally and/or physically)

– be the last man/woman standing

– if you boldly go where no one would go if he/she was not a Scorpio

– to take the lead when things get difficult

– to want to be a winner (you hate loosing)


As Scorpio is a sign of extremes you find some extreme examples here:

Charles Manson (Sun and 3 planets in Scorpio)

Marc Dutroux (Sun and 2 planets in Scorpio)

David Parker Ray (Sun and Venus in Scorpio)

Other well known Scorpios are Bill Gates, Billy Graham, Grace Kelly and Andy Warhol (link to Art&Astrology).


A sun sign tells more about who you really are and how you want to live. An Ascendant shows “your first appearance”, your impression.  Your Ascendant sign depends on the time and place of birth.

Here is my take on Scorpio + Ascendant with some links to one of my blogs. They lead you to a post about the chart of the mentioned examples. 

  • SCORPIO WITH ASCENDANT ARIES makes life difficult. The aggressive defender, political activist like: Billy Graham, Joseph McCarthy (‘communist hunter’ and senator), Richard Burton (mentioned in ‘Saturn in a relationship’ on Astrology-love-romance. 
  • SCORPIO WITH TAURUS ASCENDANT makes money. Needs a team or a partner to meet challenges the calm way:  Christian Barnhard (heart surgeon), Andy Warhol,
  • SCORPIO WITH GEMINI ASCENDANT makes a statement. Could be the perfect spy or investigator. Combines an inquisitive mind and a communicative way to do ‘it’:  Herman Brood (according to Astrotheme), Queen Astrid (Belgium, born in Sweden)
  • SCORPIO WITH CANCER ASCENDANT creates emotions. Deeply emotional. Females with this combination are seductive and ‘motherly’ at the same time. Goes for it, passionately but subtile: Marie Antoinette Herman Brood (according to Wout Hendrix)
  • SCORPIO WITH LEO ASCENDANT dramatizes life.  Strong personality, dramatic entrees, knows how to present ‘it’. Intensity and schwung give a royal attitude: Gilbert Becaud, Michel Gauquelin, Prince Charles, Franz Liszt, Edward V, Pablo Picasso
  • SCORPIO WITH VIRGO ASCENDANT: The true Sherlock Holmes with an outspoken opinion. Strong in details: John Cleese
  • SCORPIO AND LIBRA ASCENDANT: The strategist, the chess player. Hides depth, secrets and strong will behind a cooperative mask and knows how to show joined forces: Francois Mitterand, Tatum O’Neal
  • SCORPIO WITH SCORPIO ASCENDANT: Strong, daring and drawing attention as soon as he or she enters, if only because of being sexy. Some people just dare not approach you because you seem to be a challenge…Grace Kelly, Charubel (occultist)
  • SCORPIO WITH ASCENDANT SAGITTARIUS: Strong optimist who sort of lives in order to achieve goals or be the professional worker with success, some self denial included. Examples: Spirow Agnew, Jody Foster
  • SCORPIO WITH CAPRICORN ASCENDANT: You are the die hard. You dare to confront people and tend not to limit yourself. The combination of a strong mind and a trained body or the person with strong or powerful (rich) friends, like Charles Bronson, August Rodin, Larry King
  • SCORPIO AND AQUARIUS ASCENDANT  lives the unique way! The revolutionary, world changing person. With this combination something MUST change (the whole world or just his or her own world). Makes it by being different than the rest or through controversy: Condoliza Rice, Roseanne Barr,
  • SCORPIO WITH PISCES ASCENDANT: the silent force…The mystic, mysterious or romantic one; the fanatic loner who lives for fantastic ideals. Or …he/she creates a world of fantasy… There are not many famous examples, except Demi Moore (and I haven’t read her chart, but wrote about her Pisces Ascendant).

This is the picture of a Scorpionfish…:


  • There is a complete story on, including many examples. These examples show you how different people with same sun sign AND same ascendant really are:).
  • Just for the record: it took me ages to accept my Ascendant sign. It is harder when your sun sign is in a different element than your ascendant sign is. Then you feel a bit like wearing the wrong coat and sometimes like being in the wrong place, unable to do what you really want. Are you happy with your Ascendant sign? (see Astropost)
  • Charts of Marie Antoinette (Scorpio with a Cancer Ascendant) and of Edward V (Scorpio with a Leo Ascendant) here. 
  • All Astroposts on Scorpio :


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