Saturn and Uranus in astrology



I think that the combination of Saturn-Uranus is the combination of restricted freedom and the resistance against it (trying to break free).What is holding you back, when the midpoint Saturn/Uranus is important in your chart? Or when there is a tight aspect between Saturn and Uranus in your chart? Or when Saturn and Uranus have a special place in your chart (for example: rising before the Sun, on an angle or without major aspects)? I have a few examples of Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Ascendant and MC with Saturn-Uranus.

Sun and Saturn-Uranus

  • Natascha Kampusch lost her freedom at age 12 and spent years in the cellar of her abductor Priklopit. She has a sextile between Sun and a Saturn-Uranus conjunction, ruling 60% of the chart.
  • Jaycee Lee Dugard has Sun/Moon midpoint conjunct Saturn/Uranus. She had to spend 18 years with her abductor.
  • O.J. Simpson is in prison and he has Sun conjunct Saturn/Uranus.
  • Al Capone had Sun semi square Saturn/Uranus
  • Amanda Knox: Sun inconjunct Saturn and 157.5 d Uranus (sesquisquare + half semi square).
  • Nelson Mandela’s life in prison started with transit Saturn opposition MC (for the lowest point in his life) and Uranus close to the MC (for a shocking change). And 27 years later on liberation day: it is progressed Ascendant conjunct Uranus and opposition Saturn.

So yes, Saturn and Uranus with the Sun tends to alter life by limiting freedom or by returning freedom. But that is only so if this theme is prominent in the natal chart and it also depends on where you live…

Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars + Saturn-Uranus

  • In combination with the Moon a period of restricted freedom or strict protocol can change your habits and needs. Examples: Nelson Mandela, Julian Assange, Hugo chavez.
  • Mental restrictions (lack of freedom of communications) can be voluntarily or not. Joran van der Sloot played poker and doesn’t tell what exactly happened to his victim. His Mercury is sesquisquare Saturn and biquintile Uranus, square Jupiter. He is an inventive liar.
  • Your preferences can be restricted with Venus/Saturn/Uranus. Osama bin Laden had Sun, Mercury and Venus in aspect with Saturn and Uranus. With Venus biquintile Uranus it seems that he found a creative way out…
  • Your muscles and movements can be restricted (for whatever reason) with Mars in combination with Saturn/Uranus.

MC and AC with Saturn-Uranus

Saturn and Uranus with slow moving planets almost always refer to generational situations. But if Saturn/Uranus combinations are in aspect with your Ascendant, you could expect sudden goodbye’s or moves or limitations …Saturn/Uranus with MC mirrors the restrictions because of your position in society. It is in the charts of Menachem Begin and Indiri Ghandi.


The shut down (2013) blocked President Obama. The Republicans refused to sign for the budget program and demanded changes in Obamacare. Interesting is that the President was born with Saturn inconjunct Uranus. During the shut down Saturn was inconjunct Uranus and the transit hit his and opponent’s Boehner natal chart. Is there a more appropriate symbol for a blockade (Saturn) by Republicans (Uranus) with losses (inconjunct) involved? Here is the complete story on Astropost:

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